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Trees Like To Party

Well Spring is finally here in the Canadian Rockies. The snow has finally melted and the mountain sides are now speckled with lime green patches where the aspens are beginning to recover after a long winter. I found myself in a little aspen grove yesterday doing a little light painting. I noticed this patch was nicely side lit  and the white trunks of the aspens would contrast well with their vibrant new foliage. I blazed away until I was happy with the effect. I have a fair few variations in different formats that I will post over the next few weeks.

1/10sec, f14, ISO 100



Shot during winter in Monument Valley on the border of Utah and Arizona.


Went out for a shoot at one of my favorite locations yesterday morning. It was great to get out shooting. It has been a while.

4 image stitch cropped to square

35 below

Here is an image I took at the very beginning of the year. To say it was a cold morning is an understatement. Two pairs of gloves plus hand warmers just didn’t do much at all. This is a 4 image stitch, probably the most challenging stitch i’ve had to do yet. Trying to set up and reel off the 4 shots with bulky gloves on in ridiculously low temperatures was a task. I lasted all of about 15 minutes out on the frozen lake until my hands became ice blocks.

 Then came the fun part. Getting back to my car. As I was trying to scurry as quick as I could across the ice one of the cleats came off my boot. Great! Walking on this ice without cleats is almost impossible, as you can see in this image it is not exactly flat. Whether I fell over or not I will leave that up to you.

Aussies should stay off the ice.