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Elbow Lake – Kananaskis Country


I went for a drive throughout Kananaskis Country early on Sunday morning hoping to scout out a few locations to shoot under morning light. Along the way I managed to see 15 Moose, 12 of which I saw before the sun had even risen. What a magically way to start the day.

After driving for an hour or so I decided to stop and do the short hike up to Elbow Lake. I had heard of a few Grizzlies hanging about so I kept a keen eye on things. Upon arriving at the Lake I was greeted with this beautiful scene. Although I did have to wait for about 15 minutes or so for the sun to rise from behind the mountains.

Elbow Lake (Elevation: 6,995ft)
Kananaskis Country
Alberta, Canada

Day Ends Night Begins

Here is another shot from my little road trip to Olympic National Park in Washington. This was shot on my first evening in the National Park. What an incredible area. I had this shot set up, waiting for the sun to shine through the small arch created in the rock wall. I could see that the was a bank of cloud/fog on the horizon but hoped that the sun may have burnt through and remained visible through the arch. Unfortunately it was too thick so I had to settle with this. Still happy 🙂