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Rialto Beach – Olympic National Park

This is a shot from about a month ago when I visited Olympic National Park in Washington.  Unfortunately I only got to spend a few days there but I hope to return at some point.  It is an amazing place where temperate rainforest meets the sea.

Hole In The Wall

Mt Hood: Oregon

This shot is one from a little road trip I did a few weeks ago. Actually, little is an understatement. It was a fair long drive but I had bugger all else to do, and wanted to take my new van for a spin.

I took off from here in Canmore, Alberta and headed into the States, through Idaho and into Washington/Oregon. After driving for a day and a half I spent a few days in Hood River which is in the Columbia Gorge on the border of Oregon and Washington. It is a beautiful area and I hope to get back there.  

The first afternoon I arrived in Hood River I was greeted with clear skies and reasonably good weather. After having a feed I drove around and scoped out a few different vantage points for shots of Mt Hood but did not actually take any shots as I figured I would get them over the next few days (Mistake). It was a long day driving and I just wanted to rest. Well….. the next few days were overcast, and miserable. Which was good for shooting the pockets of forest but not so much for getting the shots I wanted of Mt Hood as unfortunately it was covered in cloud.

Anyway on the third afternoon I was extremely close to giving up and leaving the area, but I decided to stay for one more night. The next morning I woke up and was greeted with reasonably clear skies, so I headed straight for a location I had previously scouted.

This is the shot that resulted. I’m glad I came away with a shot of Mt Hood.

I hope the above all makes sense…. I have had a few and decided to do a post 🙂