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Cougar Creek and The Three Sisters

Well, it’s been a while.

I have just been settling in to my new little home here in Canada over the last few weeks. I spent a couple of weeks doing a little road trip which was enjoyable, and now it is time to get a job. So I got one. Starting on Monday, so looking forward to that. It will be good to get some money coming in, it makes a difference. 🙂

This shot was taken at the creek just beside the house I am currently living in. The creek is named Cougar Creek for obvious reasons…. Cougarsssss! They may as well call it “Cougar Bear Deer Elk Moose Coyote Wolf Squirrel Creek”! There is that much wildlife around here. Magic place. I’ll have to admit that it does get kind of creepy when I am our wandering around doing the photography thing by myself. It all takes a bit of getting used to.

All of my house mates  have seen bears out and about, be it Grizzlies or Black Bears. Unfortunatelty/Fortunately I am yet to have come across one, but it is only a matter of time…… Might have to buy a few more pairs of boxer shorts. 

The snow is getting pretty close to melting off the peaks in the area, which is a real bummer. I guess I will just have to wait until fall. Looking forward to that 🙂