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Gone But Not Forgotten

I went for a walk around the area I am staying in Canada. It is a quiet little town. I love it. On my walk I stumbled across this neat little cemetery at the bottom of the hill I am living on. Like the town the cemetery is only small.

Walking through any cemetery is a little bit creepy. So when I approached the cemetery gate on this cold overcast morning I was a little bit apprehensive. I opened the rickety gate and started to make my way along one of the main pathways with gravestones on either side. Then……….. In flew a “murder” of Ravens.  They came in and landed on the gravestones surrounding me, squawking/crowing at me as if to say get out of our territory. It sent shivers down my spine. Creepy experience.

After composing myself and deciding to ignore the Ravens I managed to take a few shots. It is an interesting place and i`m sure I will shoot there on a number of occasions.

Here is one from that morning….


I am working from an uncalibrated macbook so I am unsure if my image adjustments are what I want them to be. Hopefully get an external monitor sometime soonish.

In Canada


Well, I have now arrived in Canada. Safe and sound for the time being.  My flight over here wasn’t to bad, managed to score a couple of seats on each flight which was a real bonus.

The scenery over here is amazing, It’s hard to know where to start as far as photography goes. Unfortunately I have not yet been out shooting, just snowboarding and eating. Yesterday was my first day ever of snowboarding. It was awesome to say the least.  I got absolutely hammered a few times and I am extremely sore today. I managed to do a couple of black runs on my first day, but payed the price when I had a few heavy falls. No broken bones YET!

After a big day snowboarding myself and a few mates headed down to the local pub here in Canmore for “Wing Night”. 25cent wings of all different flavours. I think I managed to down about 30 or so, washed down with a few beers. After that it was bedtime. Knackered.

Here is a shot I took from the balcony of the house I am staying at. The view is awesome. I look at this view from my bed in the morning whern I wake up. Great way to start the day. Looking forward to eventually getting a car so that I can start shooting. 🙂