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Kings Park Crowds

Here’s something different to what I would usually post. I’ve got a lot of random shots sitting on my hard drive that I never get around to converting. This is one I decided to quickly convert last night. Just for the hell of it.

After taking a few shots of the city from Kings Park at sunrise this lot of flowers managed to grab my attention. I quickly changed to my sigma 105mm macro and took a few shots. This is one of them.

Cottesloe Beach – Favourite PAST TIMES


This stitch was shot on Monday afternoon. A possible afternoon thunderstorm was predicted but as often is the case it never showed up. I was hanging out for it but by the time I finished work I realised that it wasn’t going to happen. With the conditions and the cloud that was about I decided to head down to Cottesloe to try and shoot a typical Cottesloe shot.

These types of scenes, and shots generally don’t do a lot for me. It is a location that has been done to death but I figure majority of people (non-photographers) like the chocolate box type shots. It is also an iconic location for Perth so I wanted to get something.

You may have heard about the “young louts” getting drunk and causing trouble both down at Cottsloe and Scarborough on Sunday. Unfortunately shit like this spoils things for the rest of us. It is now more likely that Police will start cracking down on “street drinking” or “beach drinking” in these areas. Therefor those of us who enjoy a quite relaxing drink on the beach in the afternoon will also be affected. Hypocritical I know, seeing as though I used to be one of these little punks getting drunk and up to mischief. It’s just a shame that occurrences such as those on Sunday highlight these issues.

So when I went down on the Monday afternoon, the day after all that occured, and saw a bloke enjoying a couple of beers on the beach I thought it would make for a nice little shot. I wanted to have him in the shot head tilted back, drinking. I had to wait about 5 minutes or so until he finally grabed it and threw it down his throat. That’s when I went… click   click   click    click   click and got the shot I was after.

It’s probably the type of shot that really needs to be printed at a decent size to appreciate.

Hillarys Lighthouse

Hillarys Lighthouse

This is a 8 image stitch taken at the entrance to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

I have been frustrated with the conditions as of late as has everyone else by the sounds of it. So on Thursday afternoon after having my little kip on the couch I woke up and saw some nice clouds rolling through. I thought “MMMmmMM clouds” and then quickly got my gear together and jumpd in the car. It was looking like the large bank of clouds was heading toward the Marina so I decided to head that way.

I took this shot about 5 minutes after the sun had set. The sky was actually lit up with a pink/purple cast in the easterly direction but I was knackered and figured I would stick with this frame which was shot facing north.

A figure or two walking down the path would have been nice…. and maybe a beam of light from the lighthouse. 🙂