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Old Fremantle Power Station


This is my first completed pano. I’ve finally entered the big WIDE world of panoramic photography. I was scared of the whole stitching thing for a long time. I’m slowly getting the gist of it all but I think it’s going to take a little getting used to.

I’m working on a site in Freo at the moment and we started a little later than usual during the week. The late start gave me time to get down and shoot this before work on Thursday.

The Pass – Revisited

The Pass - Revisited

This was shot earlier in the year when I went over to NSW and QLD for a holiday. The conditions over the period were mostly miserable with grey detailess (don’t think its actually a word) skies. This was shot one morning just prior to being engulfed by shitty grey clouds.
I have previously submitted the same shot in black and white to my deviantart page, but looking back on it I thought it deserved a run with colour.

Previous B & W shot:

Spotto! Tree in the paddock

I took this when I was down in Margaret River a couple of weeks ago. I was heading back to Margaret River after shooting around Gracetown late in the afternoon when I decided I would pull over along the way and try get some sort of night shot. I saw this dead tree in the paddock and thought it would serve well in a simple composition where I would paint it with light.

Welcome Winter

Winter is here! Hopefully it brings many dark dramatic skies. I had to get down low in the middle of the road for this one and then launch myself out of the way at the last second to avoid being hit by both the car and the spray. The spray got me.